June 10, 2013

Mayor's Report, June 10, 2013

May 13
Village Board meeting + prep for it

May 14
meet with County Code, Village Attorney, Police and Fire Chief at 10 Simpson Street re: dangerous building

May 15
office time + meet with Andy Kelly re: Wallies and Simpson Street issue + email and phone calls with DEC re: Simpson Street issue

May 16
DEC inspection of Simpson Street property + NY Division of Human Rights hearing regarding age discrimination lawsuit + email correspondence re: meeting at water tower for placement of antenna

May 29
meet with Dean and Kevin Strainer and Andy Kelley regarding private financing for FD + office time

May 28
end of year meeting + office time

May 23
meeting at water tower with Leo, John Carnett and Chad Kortz re: placement of BounceLinx antenna + phone call with George Bell

June 4
meet with Frank + George Perkins re: wiring for court room + office time + meet with Andy Kelly re: firehouse + YMCA + Simpson Street

May 29
parade + office time with George

June 3
Office time

June 6
meet with Andy Kelly re: Bud Lacy building + office time

June 10
office time + scan 2012 water report and NY home grant info for web site

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